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Working in a team [NatWest Presentation]

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

During my time at NatWest we were given the task of creating a presentation in groups of 4 or 5 people. The presentation would be about the Find Your Potential tool found on NatWest’s CareerSense website.

As a team we were very organised, giving each other specific roles such as project manager, researcher, creative lead and so on. I took on the role of creative lead, working on creating the PowerPoint presentation, making sure we could all access it and making sure it was visually appealing and easy to read. Our team maintained contact through our WhatsApp group and planned regular meetings where we would gather together and discuss our progress so far, what could be improved and where to go next.

When we were faced with disruptions or obstacles we reacted accordingly, such as a member of our group no longer turning up to meetings, our project manager made sure to get in contact and find out what was going on. When we knew they would no longer be participating we rearranged our plans to accommodate our smaller group. Our final presentation went well as it was well organised and we all gave each other equal amounts of speaking time. However if I were to think of something we could’ve improved on as a team, it would be to find more time to rehearse our presentation. Although we were quite prepared and enthusiastic regardless, some more time spent rehearsing would have been better nonetheless.


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